BIG UPDATE to Lighthearted

1.2 is our BIGGEST update yet!

Kate and I have been hard at work on Lighthearted and we are so excited to share version 1.2 with you.

What to expect:

  • Rules clarifications
  • New rules for being In Control and Working together
  • Over 40 Strengths
  • Expanded Setting with Locations & Scene Starters
  • And brand new gorgeous character art by Minerva Fox!

Firstly there are a bunch of rules clarifications. We've cleaned up the language around rolling dice, spending heart, and resisting conditions. We've also added a whole lot of structure to being In Control. Being In Control is how Lighthearted thinks about narrative control and fictional positioning. When you have an advantage that would give you positioning you're In Control. Some options tell you when you are In Control, but you can also say you want to take control and roll. This gives players the opportunity to say, I want narrative control and a means to seize it. Our favorite part about this is when an authority figure enters a scene they automatically take control. If the players want to retain control they need to roll to keep it.

We've also added a new method for earning XP and keeping track of what Strengths you're working towards called your schedule. Strengths come in packs of 4 called Courses or Side Gigs and you can fit a couple courses or side gigs into your schedule. When you remind us that you're taking Intro to Journalism or your band has a show Friday, you get some XP for reinforcing that you are college kids. We've upped the number of courses and side gigs to 6 each, which means there are 48 total strengths to choose from. There are also guidelines for writing more at the end of the book.

Aside from all the mechanics, the Setting chapter got a lot of love. There are several locations with scene starter questions, some history on the cosmic struggle between The Darkness and The Four, and what it means to be chosen.

We really hope you enjoy the changes and want to hear from you. Pick up the new PDF then head over to the community page and tell us what you think of the new updates!

Kate & Kurt


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Feb 11, 2020

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