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Why didn't I find this game sooner?  Love it!  Seriously.

How do injuries work for a starting character with one "Injured" box?  Say the player wants to wade in like playing the famous RPG, like attacking an orc.  The player loses the first round, checks "Injured" and is out if they lose the second round?  The  Die of Fate mitigates (or exacerbates), of course.  Is that pretty much it?

Not complaining, because I don't care for protracted slug fests!  I want to make sure I've read things correctly.

Also, I found a typo:
"... some consequence of fate’s meddling hinders you..."

Thanks for a nice little game.

I’m glad you like it!

You’ve got the injuries figured right, but characters can exhaust armor to avoid an injury. If armor doesn’t fit the concept try taking an items like rage or thick skin. 

Also being taken out doesn’t have to be dead or even unconscious. It could mean they are cutoff, trapped or otherwise out of the scene.  

One of the players will take the role of the Quest Giver


Updated the pdf. Thanks!


This is a neat game for Fantasy fans anywhere! easy to learn, fun to play, at a bargain price! suitable for kids!